K9 team

The Wallowa County Search and Rescue K9 team is an all volunteer team dedicated to training and preparing for response.

Wallowa County SAR K9 team consists of dedicated volunteers and their dogs. Training a rescue K9 requires many hours of training under many weather and terrain conditions to prepare for a real search. Our K9s are training for or certified for Wilderness Area Search, Trailing and/or (HRD). SAR K9’s are deployed through the Wallowa County Sheriffs office and are available for mutual aid in Oregon or other parts of the US, with the proper certification.

Holly Akenson and Kea: Holly serves WCSAR as an  Incident Commander, K9 Team Lead, Equine Team, and Medical Team. Kea is a fun loving, energetic Golden Retriever who loves to work! “KEA” was OSSA Certified for K9 Air Scent July 2017. 

Heather Howard and Gracie:

Alina Rice and Birch: Alina has been working Birch since he was 9 weeks old, after choosing him from a litter using the Volhard Puppy test. Birch is a Golden Retriever who loves running, working, and finding people! Birch is NSDA certified for Area Search level II and is also working towards trailing and HRD certification. 

Max Linn and Souix: 

June Jones and Jessie. June and Jessie were former K9 team members. Jessie has since passed away, but will always be remembered! Jessie was certified in Cadaver and Air Scent.